Why not consider a Hawaiian-style wedding right here in San Diego?  I can provide you with fresh (straight from the Islands!) or silk leis, kukui nut leis, tea leaf leis, along with a number of tropical decorations.

My family and friends have nicknamed me "Aloha Cindie." Since my first visit in 1973 (40 years ago), I am engaged in a passionate affair (near obsession) with the Islands.  Living in Hawai'i is out of the question for now (my grandbabies are mainlanders!), so I do my very best to live aloha right here.  ~ I visit my spiritual homeland as often as is po$$ible.

If you would like this, I will include a Hawai'ian Wedding Prayer in your ceremony.  

I will speak in both Hawai'ian and English:

Ho’ao Pule (Hawaiian Marriage Prayer)

E ka Haku, e kokua mai ia maua e ho’omana’o i ka
manawa a maua i launa mua ai,

(Lord, help us to remember the time we first met,)

a me ke aloha nui i ulu ai ma waena o maua.

(and the strong love that grew between us.)

E kokua mai ia maua e ho’ohana i kela aloha
i na mea ma’amau i ‘ole e ka’awale

(Help us to apply that love in practical things so nothing divides us.)

Ke nonoi ha’aha’a nei maua i na hua’olelo ‘olu’olu
a piha me ke aloha,

(We humbly ask for kind words filled with love,)

a no na pu’uwai makaukau mau e noi i ka huikala,
a e huikala aku.

(and for hearts always ready to ask forgiveness, as well as to forgive.)

E ka Haku, ke waiho nei maua i ko maua male’ana i loko
o koa lima. ‘Amene.

(Lord, we leave our marriage in your hands. Amen.)

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