I cannot say enough about Jieda!  She is a beautiful person, inside and out.  Her music is magic ~ filled with joy.  She is extraordinarily talented!

Ms. Jieda Li started playing Accordion since she was a little girl and has been playing Accordion music for more than 20 years. She has a Amateur Accordionist Certificate of Level 9 from the Chinese Academy of Music (Total level: 1 ~ 10) which very few amateur player achieve. Ms. Li has played for numerous family & friends' parties, and has done many Solo Performances on stage. She plays for Love, Joy and the Best Memory. Some of Ms. Li's playing is available on Youtube. Here is a sample of her playing "Under the Sky of Paris" :

Ms.Li is a Professional Engineer working at Oracle America, Inc. Please feel free to contact Ms. Li at , or 612-805-5828, if you'd like to invite her play for your wedding.

 Yolanda is an artist ...   In her words:

My name is Yolanda and my passion is MAKE-UP & Hair. I believe that every person has something beautiful about them, and make-up can bring that something out. I have always loved art and now my dreams are coming true.

The best part of my job is watching a client look in the mirror after I have finished their Make-up & Hair. There is nothing better than seeing someone look and feel BEAUTIFUL. Whether it be going out for an evening, to a prom, a wedding or other special event. Looking and feeling radiant is key...

Graduating from Makeup Academy School and Hair Style Academy opened the doors to me in a way like walking through a field of wildflowers, colors, shapes BEAUTY . A WHOLE NEW WORLD "BEAUTY" is AMAZING, Every Flower Is Different, just As every person Is different, beautiful in it's own way.

I keep taking classes to keep up with new Trends, so I can offer you only the best in Make-up & Hair Styles. All I do is enhance the beauty that is already there. Thank God For MAKE-UP, STYLE, HAIRSPRAY, PINS and SPECIAL EVENTS.......

Thank You,

Yolanda w/ Primadonnamakeover

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