Here is my basic sequence:

General Ceremony Sequence

The following are vows from some recent ceremonies that received raves from the guests:

Sherry and Franco 

Short, sweet, elegant, and fun -- includes a Rose Ceremony for the mothers and some humor in the vows.

Allysa and Michael

Includes a very sweet and touching "Hand Holding" ceremony.  The ring ceremony is contemporary and meaningful.

Denise and Dave 

Short, meaningful -- includes Apache Blessing.

Allison and Stephan

Super short. They just wanted to get married.  Quickly!

Diane and Wes

Diane and Wes created a lovely ceremony incorporating two meaningful passages. One, an Apache Blessing to honor Wes' Native American ancestry. The second is a reading from Anne Morrow Lindbergh's book, "A Gift from the Sea."  This passage was shared at Diane's parent's wedding 37 years ago.  So sweet and so special.  So many guests raved about this ceremony.

Mellie and Anthony

Not a dry eye - the ceremony was simply stupendous ... Mellie and Anthony included Mellie's son, Jordan, in the ceremony. This ceremony celebrated not just a new union in marriage, but also a brand new family.

Katie and Alex

This darling couple added a "Parent and Community Blessing." Fantastic! They also gave special attention and gratitude to their parents by offering them individual and thoughtful gifts. To make the ceremony even more sweet, they included a moment of silence in order to honor those who have passed.

Hao and Tunan

Lorena and Brian

Margaret and Charles 

(Very traditional.)


1.  May your lives be filled with wisdom, blessed with good health, and an abundance of joy and laughter.  May you seek amusement, fun, adventure, and create a meaningful, purpose-filled life together.

2.  ______________ & ________________, We wish for you love - a love that brings out the best in you, as you strive to bring out the best in each other.  We wish for you a home that is more that just a place to live, but a safe haven, a soft place to fall, an environment rich in comfort and love. We wish for you joy -- a joy that lights your eyes and fills your soul, shouting to the world of your happiness with one another.

3.  May you find within yourselves all that you need to nurture your marriage.  May you continue to grow closer together with a love that grows deeper and richer with each passing day.

4.  Go into the world and fulfill your dreams.  Love, support, and help one another as you grow. Seek opportunities to be good to each other and your community.  May the seeds of your love, now planted in marriage, continue to grow and flourish.  May your life together be as a pebble dropped in a pond; and example of love and unity spread outward to your family, friends, and to the wider circle of the world.

More ideas to inspire (and quite possibly, - confuse you!):

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A sand or unity candle ceremony can be included anywhere you like in your vows.  The most common time is after the ring exchange.  I provide the table (or bring your own) and you choose your vase and sand or unity candle.  Check this out...great site:

Sand Ceremony Ideas

Wedding Ceremony: When Do You Light the Unity Candle? -

This gorgeous (inside and out) family celebrated the blending of their families with a sand ceremony.

It was exquisite. 

If you would like your vows printed on parchment, 

along with a hand-scripted marriage certificate...Add $35 to my fee.


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